Black Garlic Salmon Gravlax


Appx 1 kg salmon fillet , preferably in mid section
2 teaspoons coarse ground white pepper
4 tablespoons of salt (not mineral salt )
3-4 tbsp sugar
3-4 cups coarsely chopped dill
3 cloves of mashed Black Garlic

Raw fish may have parasites and by freezing first they will be killed off, therefore best to freeze the fish 2 days before preparation.

Mix white pepper, salt and sugar.
The larger the amount of sugar in smoother texture.

Rub the fillets with 1/3 of the salt mixture, mash 3 cloves of Black Garlic and mix with a little water until it looks like a puree

Cover the salmon flesh side with the puree (on top of the sugar mix)
Then on top of that plenty of chopped dill and the rest of the salt mixture in between.

Put the 2 flesh sides together like a sandwich and cover with clingfilm and place in a dish, weigh down the salmon by placing a chopping board on top with a couple of conserve tins as weights and then into the fridge.

Thin fillets are ready after one day, but 2 days is best you can turn the fish over 2/3 times during the process.
Once finished pour off the excess juice – scrape off the dill and sugar/salt mix.

Using a sharp long knife cut into thin slices.

Serve with lemon or mustard sauce